Using and Programming Your Machine’s Presets

One of the things I love best about my new BERNINA 790 PLUS is the ability to easily change and save the preferences for different stitches by using and programming my machine’s presets. I do a lot of different kinds of sewing, between garments and quilts, and I am constantly switching back and forth not just between stitch types, but the settings on the individual stitches themselves. When using different types of materials, sometimes you need to do a little experimenting to find the perfect stitch length/width.

With my old machine, I was constantly making notes to remind me of what setting I had used on a particular project and then promptly losing said notes. They would get buried under other projects or picked up and placed someplace safe, never to be seen again. With the personal program on the B 790 PLUS, this is no longer a problem. I can save all my changes in a variety of helpful ways. In this blog post, I’m going to talk about how to change your presets, save them temporarily or permanently, and even how to save all the different stitches you may use for a project in one convenient place.

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