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Small sewing machine, but a big deal

  • Sew comfortably
  • Customize your sewing speed
  • Super easy threading
  • Big space for big ideas


Small sewing machine, but a big deal

> Sew comfortably
> Customize your sewing speed
> Super easy threading
Big space for big ideas

Discover the BERNINA 325

BERNINA 325: Simple. Ingenious. Stylish.

"Difficult fabrics? Not
with this machine!"

Annika Victoria, DIY lover and YouTuber

Annika is young, talented, creative and crazy unique. The YouTuber from Sydney, Australia, knows exactly what her sewing fans want: uncomplicated patterns that are fun to sew. And, as her down-to-earth, you-can-do-it videos show, her BERNINA 325 is the go-to partner she can count on. She loves her BERNINA 3 Series. You will too!

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Individual and fast

Customize the stitch length and width

Save and reuse stitches

Variable sewing speed

Sew at fast speeds of up to 900 stitches per minute. Your sewing projects are done in no time.

Easy threading? Yes,

No more laborious threading

Thread your needle with ease

One, two ... and it's threaded!

The semi-automatic threader makes threading easier than ever. A few simple steps, and the thread is in place.

Creative stitch

Decorative stitches, cross stitches & more

23 different decorative stitches

Select stitches easily at the touch of a button

There are many different stitches, all of which you can customize. It's not easy to pick a favorite.

Small but wow

Enough space for your creativity

Comfortable and perfectly sized

Slide-on extension table for more workspace

The freearm provides 6.3 inches of space to the right of the needle for exciting projects and unlimited creative freedom.

Superbly comfortable

Bright LED light for long nights of sewing

Easily save your favorite settings

Keep track of everything on the display

Want to be creative at night? It's not problem with the B 325. The LED light ensures optimum visibility for night owls who love to sew.

In love with buttonholes

Sew buttonholes automatically

Quick, easy and precise

Buttonholes - all with the same length

With the optional Buttonhole Foot with Slide #3A, you can sew as many buttonholes as you want with exactly the same length.

Image Gallery: Explore the BERNINA 325

Features & Functions

Not all models and accessories are available in all countries. We reserve the right to make changes in both features and design.

Hook system                                                                                                   CB

Maximum sewing speed (stitches per minute)                                             900

Sewing space to the right of the needle                                                      6.3''


Semi-automatic needle threader 

Memory (long-term/altered stitches) 

Slide speed control 

Number of stitch patterns (incl. alphabet) total                                              97

Manual multi-step buttonhole 


Unleash your creativity with the included accessories and be prepared for any creative challenge with a huge variety of optional accessories

Not all models and accessories are available in all countries. We reserve the right to make changes in both features and design.


Frequently Asked Questions

Support for your BERNINA 325

To ensure that you enjoy your BERNINA for as long as possible, we recommend that you read the detailed operating instructions. Further support information and firmware updates can be found on the support page.