Brother ScanNCut SDX125E

Brother ScanNCut SDX125E

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ScanNCut DX SDX125E

  • 682 built-in designs
  • Cuts materials up to 3mm in thickness‡
  • 600dpi built-in scanner with on screen editing


        The ScanNCut DX is the only series of home and hobby cutting machine with a built-in scanner & has essentially everything you need to create stunning projects right out of the box. The Brother ScanNCut DX was designed for the hobby enthusiast who is looking for an efficient and clean way to cut materials such as felt and foam (up to 3MM thick!) without frays or damage. Brother’s Auto Blade sensor technology automatically detects the thickness of your materials to cut precise custom and built-in patterns. The Brother SDX125E ScanNCut cutting machine comes with 682 built-in designs, including 100 quilt patterns, and 9 letter fonts—these provide you with multiple ways to quickly create and edit designs on the 5” LCD touchscreen display, plus 76 SVG files included, Birthday Collection, Greeting Cards Collection, Flowers & Valentines Collection (Available with CanvasWorkspace for web only).

        This electronic cutting machine is perfect for sewers and quilters. With the Brother SDX125E, struggling to piece together fabric when working on various sewing and quilting projects is a thing of the past. The Brother ScanNCut DX gives you the ability to add a seam allowance in ¼” increments to assist you in assembling fabric pieces for your quilts, clothing, and more.

        With a simple internet connection, you’ll be able to access and work with Brother CanvasWorkspace to create virtually anywhere and anytime. Work remotely with your tablet, mobile device, or PC. This Brother cutting machine is wireless network ready. While connected to the same internet network, wirelessly send your cut files directly to your Brother ScanNCut DX. The Brother SDX125 is also whisper quiet, allowing you to cut materials with ease and without disturbing others. This Brother machine is backed by a 1 year limited warranty along with free customer phone and online technical support for the life of the product.

        Main Features

        Blade Sensor Technology: Auto blade detects the thickness of material, no blade adjustment or material selection required.

        Cut Up To 0.1” (3 mm) in Thickness: The Brother Home Electronic Cutting Machine effortlessly cuts materials‡ such as foam and felt with the Auto Blade.

        On-Screen Editing: Editing designs is fast and easy. This ScanNCut machine comes with a 5” LCD touchscreen display.

        Stand-Alone: Create a project right out of the box without using a computer or mobile device.

        Fully Detailed Designs: Features a total of 682 built-in designs, including 100 quilt patterns, and 9 letter fonts, this Brother Cutting Machine produces detailed work.

        Wireless Network Ready: Wirelessly connect‡ your PC or mobile device to transfer cut data from the Brother CanvasWorkspace application.

        Perfect for Quilters and Sewers: The Brother SDX125 Electronic Cutting Machine provides a ¼” increment seam allowance to piece together fabric.

        Advanced editing with Canvasworkspace Free software to create, edit, convert and send cut data to and from the machine

        ScanNCut DX

        Do More with ScanNCut DX


        Cut materials such as paper, fabric, vinyl, foam, balsa wood, and felt virtually effortlessly.


        Use the included pen holder and black pen, or optional universal pen holder to write or draw.


        Emboss, rhinestone, foil, plus more with the ScanNCut optional line of accessories.

        ScanNCut DX Features

        Built-in Scanner

        Turn your scanned images into unique one-of-a-kind cut designs and patterns. Scan up to 3 mm thick – a handmade drawing, a child’s handwriting, cherished photos, and more – to create virtually endless design patterns that you can use.

        No Material Selection Required

        Auto blade detects the thickness of material so you don't have to select your choice of materials or adjust your blade.

        Optional Thin Fabric Auto Blade

        Designed to cut fabric used for quilting and raw edge appliqué purposes. Quilt with ease and help save time by cutting multiple pieces for your projects.

        Stand Alone Machine

        Access 682 built-in designs, including 100 quilt patterns, and edit right on 5" LCD touchscreen display.

        Compatible with the Artspira App

        • Find, edit, and transfer designs in one place
        • Step-by-step projects for beginners
        • Access designs and new ideas weekly
        • Embroidery, cutting, and combination inspiration

        ScanNCut DX Included Accessories

        ScanNCut DX Videos

        ScanNCut DX Demo Video

        Do More with ScanNCut DX

        Comparison Chart






        Machine Type 

        ScanNCut DX Cutting Machine

        ScanNCut DX Cutting Machine

        ScanNCut2 Cutting Machine

        Sewing & Quilting Machine

        Sewing & Embroidery Machine

         Included Stitches/Designs 

        682 Drawing & Cutting Designs

        251 Drawing & Cutting Designs

        631 Drawing & Cutting Designs

        100 Sewing Stitches

        80 Designs + 103 Stitches

         Stitch/Design Selection 

        5" LCD Touchscreen Display

        3.47" LCD Touchscreen Display

        4.85" LCD Touchscreen Display

        LCD Screen & Button Selection

        3.7" Touchscreen LCD Display


        Auto Blade

        Auto Blade

        Standard Blade

        Auto Needle Threader

        4 in x 4 in Hoop


        Cuts up to 3mm thick*

        Cuts up to 3mm thick*

        Cuts up to 2mm thick*

        Free Arm & Extension Table

        Embroidery Arm & Free Arm


        Built-in Scanner

        Built-in Scanner

        Built-in Scanner



        Available Accessories






        Accessory Type

        ScanNCut DX Low Tack Mat

        Thin Fabric Auto Blade Holder

        Thin Fabric Auto Blade

        Disney Pattern Collection

        Rhinestone Starter Kit

        Machine Compatibility

        ScanNCut DX

        ScanNCut DX

        ScanNCut DX

        ScanNCut Series & DesignNCut

        ScanNCut Series & DesignNCut


        12 x 12 Mat

        Cutting Fabric w/out Backing

        Cutting Fabric w/out Backing

        18 Design Patterns

        Activation for Rhinestone


        For Cutting & Scanning

        Requires Fabric Blade

        Requires Fabric Blade Holder

        Disney Princess Collection

        100 Template Patterns


        For Delicate Materials

        Auto Blade

        Precisely Cut Thin Fabric


        Includes Everything to Get Started