Handi Quilter HQ Sweet Sixteen

Handi Quilter HQ Sweet Sixteen

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The HQ Sweet Sixteen will enhance your free-motion quilting in ways that you will instantly love.  Machine only.  Does not include table, insert, bobbin winder.  Does include accessory kit.

The HQ Sweet Sixteen will enhance your free-motion quilting in ways that you will instantly love.


HQ Sweet Sixteen Top Features

Shown with the HQ Sweet Sixteen InSight Table

• Easy setup and assembly
• 16 inches of throat space and eight inches of vertical space
• Paired with the exclusive HQ InSight TableTM with built-in HQ InSight Stitch RegulationTM
• Two modes of stitch regulation: Precision or Cruise
• High-speed rotary hook with large-capacity M-class bobbin
• Adjustable table height from 25.5″ to 39.5″
• Stitching speed up to 1,800 stitches per minute
• 4-22 precision stitches per inch
• Adjustable color touchscreen
• Easy-Set Tension™
• Handi Feet compatible; comes with quarter-inch ruler foot installed, open-toe foot
• Needle-stop position control
• Responsive foot pedal
• Easy needle changewith ergonomic thumb screw
• Low-bobbin estimator and alarm
• Quilting alarm and project timer
• Walking stitch plus five basting stitch options
• Stitch counters
• Built-in diagnostics
• Four language options: English, French, German, and Spanish
• Four extra bobbins, 20 needles, sample thread pack included

Where Will You Put It?

Optional Accessories

The optional InSight Table Drawer

Optional Accessories Sold Separately

• Interchangeable Handi Feet
• Horizontal Spool Pin
• 18-inch by 32-inch table extensions
• HQ Mini Casters
• HQ Insight Table Drawer

Getting Started with your HQ Sweet Sixteen

Educational Resources

Minute Motifs

Minute Motifs feature quick designs you can use for a variety of projects.

Handi Tips

Minute Tips are quick video shorts featuring longarm quilting tips.

HQ Live

The second Thursday of every month (at 11 a.m. Mountain Time), the HQ Studio Educators share their wealth of knowledge with anyone who wants to join the conversation. You can comment, ask questions, and get live feedback. Simply join our email list and we’ll let you know about our upcoming HQ Live events.

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Reasons to Buy Handi Quilter

HQ worldwide retailer support
HQ Warranty: 10 years casting, 5 years electrical, and 5 years mechanical
Designed, engineered, and assembled in the U.S.A.
Educational videos, tutorials, and tips available at HandiQuilter.com